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My Work

Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Projects

Suicidal Ideation using machine learning

Movie Audience Score

Stock Price Prediction using Yahoo Finance

Network Intrusion Detection
(Binary Classification Problem)

Image classification using pretrained MobileNet (TensorFlowJS)

Human Computer Interface Design

X P L O R 3 6 0

Xplor360 is a interesting project which allow us to understand how Human Computer Interface Design plays a vital role in reaching the target audience which provides solution to their problems.

Having a best solution to a problem does not mean it would be accepted by the audience. Quality product is actually sum of best solution and understanding how the product will be perceived by audience.

System Software Engineering


BIDOPS is a software system developed for industry client CALPERS. The motive behind this project is to develop online automated process for bid submissions. This is to move from existed paper system process to paperless process.

An interesting fact about the project was to understand the internal working and roles within the client company and provide solution which will seamlessly fit into their existing infrastructure.

Distributed Systems

Mobile Learning Application

Mobile Learning Application is a android based application for students studying in the universities. Project aims to add new features and enhance the existing MLA application which was developed by old team.

After carefully studying the current system 3 major functionality were developed. Project required an extensive study of various technologies like AWS, Android development, .net etc and where their underlying behaviour stands in context of the appliction being developed as a whole.

Ecommerce and Data Mining

Smart Buy

Have you ever wonder how can you buy your favourite ecommerce product online for best deal? Yes, we all have gone through that and want the best deal possible. More importantly when its prices fluctuate over time.

This project is to demonstrate power of web mining technique(web scraping) and its application. The main purpose is to find the best deal for mobile phones across multiple ecommerce websites using web mining and compare prices real time.