X P L O R 3 6 0

Overview of the project

The ultimate goal of XPLOR360 is to tackle a specific problem faced by students during start of every semester. The target audience is Sacramento State students where they often choose courses based on a paragraph of course description which is often not enough to understand what they will actually learn during the course and its details Moreover, the project is focused to find a solution to their problem by undertaking standard practices used in Human Computer Interface design. The aim is to not to produce a deployable product but a working prototype and focus on the process rather than the end goal itself.

Problem Statement

Students often find it difficult to understand the course and fail to visualize on a high level what are the key ideas behind any course. Students come from various backgrounds and need to understand exactly what they are getting into. If students do not gain proper understanding and are unclear of its prerequisites they may take longer to grasp the concepts in class and could fail to pass the course.

Complete 15 page project report

Include Following Details
1. Problem and Solution Overview
2. Design Research Goals, Stakeholders, and Participants
3. Design Research Results and Themes
4. Answers to Task Analysis Questions
5. Proposed Design Sketches
6. Final Design Sketch
7. Written Scenarios
8. Storyboards of the Selected Design

Complete Design Report ->Download Complete Report

Major Highlights

Heuristic evaluation

Other team performed Heuristic evaluation and below document describes the responses provided by our team after discussion

Heuristics Evaluation ->Download Heuristics Evaluation Response

Tasks and Discussion

There were two major tasks that were focused on for digital mockup.

TASK 1 : A Graduate student wants to do some projects in Artificial Intelligence using tools currently being used in the market, like Jupyter notebook, TensorFlow, Keras etc. He wants to enroll in a course that will help him satisfy his requirements.

TASK 2 : A student wants to check whether he is prepared for CSC180 - Intelligent Systems, for the upcoming semester.

These tasks are basic but important to achieve our purpose and also learn about the key concepts in HCI.

Discussion provides more insights on how various steps during the process of the project development shape our decissions. How tasks changed why they had to change and major concerns are discussed in the document in detail.

Tasks and discussions ->Tasks and Discussions with visuals

Digital Mockup Task 1 video

Digital Mockup Task 2 video

Download mockup -> Digital mockup (interactive at every stage)