Project Sponser - CalPERS

Overview of the project

Developed an automated online bid submission platform for our industry client CalPERs. The aim was to transition from their original manual bid submission system to paperless online bid system. Final project was submitted by our team after several in-person interactions. These interactions proved to be vital part for end delivery product. It helped to understand the customer requirements and with iteration of various prototypes we achieved the desirable end result successfully.


• Objective is to develop an automated system which will ease the bid submission process.

• This will help to put a robust system in place which reduces human efforts and have efficient paperless system.

• In addition to that such automation will increase efficiency to handle multiple bidding projects, transparency will help to identify key parts of the process and confidentiality in handling bidder’s private documents.


• The scope is to integrate the new system with the current existing online process.

• This project will include new modules to login into the system, submit bid proposals online, conducting preliminary and secondary evaluation and to publish memo.

• The system does not make firm decisions to reject the bidder on any basis.

• The decision to check if a bidder pass or fail depends on the inputs provided by the designated decision team at CalPERS at every stage.

• Permission to access different modules in the project are restricted to teams or manager that are assigned for those activities.

Technical requirements

Front End Tools and Technologies:

• Bootstrap
• JavaScript
• jQuery


• Laravel (PHP Framework)


• MySQL Workbench

Entity Relationship diagram

Use Case Diagrams

Use Case 1 - Bidders Perspective

Use Case 2 - Administrative Level

System Context Diagram

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